Be in the Bad list of Santa Claus

It's very near to the Christmas season and Santa is very busy! Every Family / friend / relative wants to be in Santa's bad list, with your Family / friend / relative can now receive Santa's personalized letter and certificate.

Package Includes

Personalize Letter from Santa Claus

Receive a personalized letter from Santa Claus with or without your friend / family / relative photo and create a wonderful experience this Christmas.

Text message from santa claus

We will send a text message on Christmas Day to your chosen Mobile number for your Family / Relative / Friend.

BadList Certificate

Has your friend / Relative been BAD this year?? If so, you can now have SANTA tell them off with our certificate and personalized letter.

Make this christmas extra special for your loved ones

Make this Christmas a wonderful experience by adding your friend / family / relative to Santa's Badlist with our personalized letter. You simply need to select the letter design, provide some information and a letter would be sent to your friend / family / relative electronically via email on a specified date.

You can print Santa's personalized letter and certificate, if you don't want to print yourself, Physical delivery is also available as an additional minimal cost.

Along with personal letter you friend / family / relative can also get a text message from Santa Claus.


Henry Metthews

" My brother, James, was so excitied when he opened your letter, he has been telling to his friends about your letter. Thanks for brining so much excitment and smile on my Brother's face."

Beeson Carroll

" I received the letter - it was awesome, thankyou very much. It really made my friend feel very special. Thanks again!"

Albert Townsend

" Hi, we received your letter yesterday, it was fantastic with high quality printing. My sister was over the moon as she could not believe its a letter for her from Santa!!"

Adam Paul

" My friends were thrilled when they receive your Santa personalized letter and certificate, they could not believe that they have received letters from Santa, they were very delighted."

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